icare infotech video annotation

Video annotation includes adding metadata to unlabeled video to prepare an AI calculation. This metadata, likewise alluded to as labels or marks, could be anything from a bounding box around a specific piece of the picture to full division, where each pixel is commented on with its semantic importance. Video annotation is utilized to prepare calculations for an assortment of errands, from straightforward arrangement to tracking multiple frame objects.

Our Video Annotation Services

2D and 3D bounding boxes

Our master annotators design 2D or 3D bounding boxes around objects video for a wide scope of utilization cases. Because of our uniquely constructed workbench, we're ready to make numerous exact bounding boxes inside each edge of your video. Our thorough quality appraisal additionally guarantees exact annotations.


We give you the group, stage, and venture directors you need to draw pixel ideal polygons around objects in your frames. Planned in light of your utilization case, our foundation has been worked to annotate irregular objects with a serious level of exactness.

Keypoint Annotation

We offer quick, proficient keypoint annotation over numerous frames for a scope of utilization cases, including facial acknowledgment, feeling location, and checking applications. Our foundation has broad capacities that permit us to precisely name anatomical or underlying focal points in your information.

Semantic Segmentation

We have experience in building video datasets with pixelwise annotation for customers in a different scope of businesses. Our task directors draw on long periods of involvement to guarantee that each edge is pixel-exact and adjusts to your determinations.

Our Solutions

Object localization

We provide video arrangement and localization services for a scope of venture types. By joining our flexible tech stage with the experience of our task directors, we can plan a custom work process for bounding box, polygon or line explanation that suits your venture's particular necessities.

Object Detection

For any PC vision venture, it's fundamental that your dataset has exact annotations for both numerous classes and various cases of each object in your order framework – frequently within the same frame of the video. We can set up a significant level of precision over your whole dataset in a range of annotation types.

Video Tracking

Video footage with frame by frame tracking is a significant tool for anybody making an AI calculation in the self-sufficient vehicles area. Our work process guarantees that annotated objects in the foremost frame are precisely followed through next frames. Our sharp eye for detail will guarantee that each movement of your object is caught.