icare infotech data annotation

Data Annotation is the way toward adding metadata to a dataset. This metadata normally appears as labels which can be added to any information including text, pictures and video. Adding far-reaching and reliable labels is a critical piece of building up a preparation dataset for AI. Data Annotation is a vital phase of information preprocessing on the grounds that administered AI models figure out how to perceive repeating designs in annotated data. After a calculation has prepared enough explained information, it can begin to perceive similar examples when given new unannotated information. Thus, information researchers need to utilize clean annotated data to train AI models.

Methods of Annotation

Bounding Box Annotation

A mainstream technique for characterizing objects in pictures or recordings for retail, mechanical technology, self-sufficient vehicles, Machine learning needs.

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Polygonal Annotation

Drawing accurately with forms in polygon shapes over the items to recognize the articles and limitation of videos or pictures.

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Polyline Annotation

Applied into path identification on streets for self-ruling vehicles and different vehicles to identify the path and move into the correct direction.

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Semantic Segmentation

It is the cycle of image annotation by dividing the pictures into different sections for independent vehicles and medical care.

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3D Cuboid Annotation

Catch the item in 3D cuboid to get the more inside and out measurement view and fabricate a more far-reaching model for definite data.

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Landmark Annotation

Plotting a succession of focuses accurately to decide the state of characteristic items like facial highlights, feelings and articulations.

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Applications Used

Self Driving

Utilized for electronic vision learning for independent vehicle driving.

Health Care

The infections finding and examination through clarified clinical imaging.

AI in Retail

Utilized for Ecommerce and retail markets through vision based investigation.


Basically used to continue checking the items through robotized surveillance cameras.

Autonomous Flying

Primarily utilized for aeronautical view catching and article acknowledgment through robots.


Utilized as automated arms for material taking care of at distribution centers or get together plants.

Satellite Imagery

Utilized for satellite pictures to get the view for metropolitan administration and shrewd urban areas.


Utilized as advanced mechanics in agribusiness for soil observing, crop gathering or yield examination.