icare infotech landmark annotation

Plotting a succession of points to create precise datasets for exact recognition of shapes in different sized faces for PC vision, icare infotech provides landmark annotation for detecting the facial expressions/ features, postures of humans and other objects.

Our Solutions

Landmark Annotation for the Recognition of Facial Gestures

Perceive the facial highlights, articulations and feelings with facial landmark annotation. Recognizing the human motions and facial stances via landmarking annotation assists with discovering the genuine thickness and estimation of the article inside a specific zone, thereby empowering machines to understand the emotion of the humans. It helps to understand the development direction of each point movement in the focused object.

Landmark Annotation for Human Postures in Sports Analytics

To comprehend the human stances in sports using PC Vision, landmark annotation works best to instruct the AI and ML models. Landmark annotation is used the detect the posture of the athlete in a group with greater accuracy. This further advantages them to improve the gaming techniques which will help them to improve their game.