icare infotech 3D Cuboid annotation

In-depth detection of objects with 3D cuboid annotation to create the 3-dimensional view of any object, icare infotech provides 3D cuboid annotation services with a high-level degree of precision to assemble the ground truth datasets for the object of interest at a moderate expense.

Our Solutions

Exact Segmentation of Different Indoor Objects

Our 3D cuboid annotated images empower you to prepare your PC vision model with better inside and out object recognition. Pictures caught by 2D cameras are annotated in the third dimension to construct a 3D reproduced situation for PC Vision. This empowers it to identify indoor objects with exact measurements and exact ascribes.

3D Cuboid Annotation for Training the Robots

3D cuboid annotation services help to train robots in various industries like the warehouse and automobile industry to work automatically without any human interference. The pictures caught from 2D cameras can be annotated with 3D cuboid annotation making them recognizable for robots and aerial images utilized in different fields.

3D Empowered View for Autonomous Vehicles

The most ideal approach to help the learning of self-driving vehicles' 3D cuboid annotation is by perceiving through 2D pictures/recordings the exact recognition of such objects. Train your PC vision model with clarified 3D articles from 2D pictures and recordings to distinguish the exact composition of the vehicle and its development for self-driving vehicles, icare infotech provides a 3D cuboid annotation to assist self-driving vehicles to detect other objects in motion and giving exact data to the framework for without hustle driving.