icare infotech 3D Point Cloud Annotation

Envisioning the objects marked in 3D point clouds for better detection and grouping for right measurements and tracking labels at high precision.

Our Solutions

3D Point Cloud Annotation for Detecting Lanes and Classifying Objects

By identifying the street path and following the object with a multi-frame, we can quickly mark getting objects across numerous frames. With semi-automated interactive annotation, a single tick annotation of 3D items is made conceivable with a completely adaptable marking process. LiDAR assists with identifying the path lane more decisively and comprehend the real-life happenings around you.

3D Point Cloud Annotation for Detecting Objects with 3D Boxes

3D boxes to distinguish the objects with more exactness and track incorporating the single focuses with greatness to assemble subtleties like size, area, speed, yaw, pitch with class, and so on.Our expert annotators use the 3D point cloud annotation to mark various sorts of objects including measurements of different objects of interest like bikes and people on foot in drivable paths.

3D Point Cloud Annotation for LiDARs

In cloud explanation, the article up to 1 cm can be annotated with 3D boxes marking the items at every point. To make the articles recognizable in the two conditions indoor and open-air, 3D point cloud annotation is best appropriate for exact detection through LiDAR sensors.