icare infotech audio annotation

Sound recorded in any format is made recognizable to machines through AI. NLP-based sound recognition models require clarified sounds to make such sounds more understandable to applications like a chatbot or virtual assistant gadgets, icare infotech's audio annotation services that prepare your recorded sounds with added metadata to make the human – bot collaboration significantly more important.

Our Solutions

Speech Annotation for NLP

The speech in a sound record contains various words and sentences that are intended for the audience. Making such expressions in the sound documents understandable to machines is conceivable, using a unique information marking method while annotating the sound. In NLP or NLU, machine calculations for speech acknowledgement need audio annotation to perceive such sounds.

Audio Annotation for Speech Recognition

A wide range of sounds recorded as sound documents can be annotated with extra keynotes and appropriate metadata. Our professional audio annotators carefully listen to each word in the audio to recognize the speech accurately with our audio annotation services.